Aviation: Virus-proof coating for Boeing and Airbus.
Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 13:55

New coating developed by Zoono Industries gains accreditation from Boeing and Airbus to use coating on their aircraft interiors.

Unlike traditional sanitizers and disinfectant that are short-term application of alcohol-based products, this coating acts as a shield, and builds nano-spikes out of carbon atoms which then serves as a non-toxic anti-microbial coating. Not only killing bacteria via mechanical means, but also doing it over a pro-longed period of time. Please click here to learn more about Zoono Technology.

Modern aircraft air conditioners filter 20-30 times per hour and capture 99.9% of particles including bacteria, fungi, and larger viruses or virus clumps. However, 80% of viruses are often transmitted through touch and not the air. Therefore, many diseases and viruses can be spread by contact with infected secretions, and contaminants.

Although airlines are predicted to welcome 3.6 Billion passengers in 2016, and the increasing numbers of virus outbreaks sores, there is nothing in the market that kills via mechanical means instead of chemical.

Zoono technology could be able to make checking for viruses in cabins a thing of the past.

Please contact us if you are interested in Zoono for your organisation.